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This is the final Ghost before the hiatus. This versions continues the trend of falling in the beginning part of the second set. The segues from Gumbo play online casino games now sports and join into The Mango Song visit web page not significant, and therefore not been included. The last Ghost of 1. Fish and Mike come in shortly after but Mike backs away for a second.

Gordon flirts with trying to play something different but eventually settles on the Ghost theme. The tempo is slower than normal. The solo section continues the groove for the most part. Page gets a little crunchy and Mike gives a bit of funk. The pause is a bit longer than normal, and the band delivers a nice drop in.

Not picture perfect, but still learn more here nice.

A solid way to leave Ghost for a couple of years. The jam starts with some sectioned off measures. Nobody takes full control. Trey does start to lead out a bit, around the 4: Page finds this web page great space right away and delivers some fantastic piano melodies. Fish is providing a pretty fast paced beat to work from. Mike is giving a nice solid laid back bass groove.

With a controlled Trey holding notes, Page once again finds plenty of opportunity to deliver incredible melodies. Not to be outdone, Mike continually finds spots to deliver precise, strong, bass notes.

When Trey comes away from the repeating lick at 7: The jam then settles back for a play online casino games now sports and join as Trey starts to draw some notes out. Mike though starts to lay down some dirty bass. His tone drops and his appetite starts to show.

The angry hungry sound from Mike really gives this jam some energy. I can get down to that. I am sleeking around my house. Trey moves in nicely at 8: Once again you see more brilliance form Mike Gordon, giving this jam article source new and better direction. Once again as he repeats that lick, the rest of the band play online casino games now sports and join the jam around him.

He releases away from that lick and gives some rock-star soloing. He only does it for a few seconds and then just moves to less intense soloing. Trey stays within himself and by doing so allows the jam to build even more powerful. Trey responds with some shredding guitar work. I hear Page in this peak section more than normal. He is really on top of his game. Slides, runs, chords, you name it Page is blasting away on the keys.

Trey backs off the gas just a touch around the Then he begins to pick up the amount of notes he is playing before turning this peak on its head. He starts to repeat a high pitched lick at Trey is building the tension furiously and the band is responding with a fury behind him. Trey building tension makes me feel like he may do this at any moment…. He does play some fantastic controlled shredding though.

It is Fishman that is the crazy one. He drops a HUGE fill at Then one more monster at Big stuff from the man in the dress.

The jam begins to work its way down after that last fill and gets a nice cheer from the crowd. Mike plays the Ghost theme as the jam breaks down. The gold casino download fades away like a ripple in the water until there is nothing left.

I do love when that happens! The last Ghost ofand all of 1. There are parts in the opening section that are a bit lull. Play online casino games now sports and join however breathes life when he and his bass gets hungry. An excellent build, followed by an alright peak, and a cool ending. Another good Ghost just not one that breaks any ground. The Piper is the real take-away from this show.

Absolute all-time version, if you ask me. This Ghost is alright. Could have been better, but decent. Certainly not bad at all. February 5, Whooops thanks for pointing out that typo! Fixed February 5, Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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